Here you will learn about the government of Rathinia

The government is a democratic monarchy which may seem strange at first, but it is actually a decent idea. Basically the leader's firstborn child is automatically nominated to be one of the candidates in the election. Others can run against them and each other. There is no statistical advantage for the firstborn child.

The election involves physical and mental tests. Some of these tests include, but are not limited to: Intelligence tests, Fishing and Farming tests, Teamwork tests, Problem solving tests, and general public speaking. Scores for each test will be averaged for the test's category. Once the scores have been averaged, the election can move to the voting phase. The voters will be able to view the candidates' score and decide on who they think is best.

If the leader doesn't have a child then the elections run as they would normally, but without that specific candidate. Time in leadership is about 10 years, but it can vary. Anyone from the public can run as long as their public credit is high enough. Public credit is a system that rewards people who help the community or provide certain services or resources. Different things earn you different amounts of public credit. The candidate must be Falcon level or higher to run in the election. The following table shows the different levels of public credit.

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